hearts by bianca valentino

As winter is drawing to a close in the southern hemisphere (where I’m at) and the weather is warming up as we get ready to embrace spring, I am filled with so much joy. I always associate rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal with the changing of the seasons—especially spring. At this time of the year I like to shake up my routine forged over the cooler months, get outdoors, detox, roll out the yoga mat and rescue my cute dresses and tops out of wardrobe hibernation. It’s a chance to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. Right now though, the joy I’m feeling is less inspired by the weather and mostly inspired by all the amazing creative girls and ladies I met while in Melbourne last week while I was in town for Rookie Day to see my boss lady Tavi speak and have hangs, which I will write about soon. Tavi really is one of the greatest humans I know, generous with her time and energy, encouraging and genuine.

Rookie Melb meetup + tavi gevinson + bianca valentino

I’m also feeling chuffed about and energised by, all the wonderful things on the horizon: facilitating zine and blogging workshops for teens in my local area, a new issue of Conversations With Punx (finally!), having a table at ZICS (Zine and Indy Comic Symposium) in Brisbane this weekend and presenting the Australian Zine Maker of the Year Award at the Golden Stapler Awards. I’ve also got lots of new exciting interviews in the works, Mystery School is releasing a 7 inch, I will get to watch my husband speak at BIGSOUND Music + Design on the DIY Design vs. The World panel with Regurgitator (he did the artwork for their new album…I’m so proud of him). Life is sweet.

I know it’s been fairly quiet around here of late but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things – I refuse to force things – after taking a little time off after our wedding (peep the vid below) and I’ve started a new job working in libraries again. So while it’s been quiet on the blog and zine front, I’ve still been super busy. I’ve missed y’all!

Love and sparkles,

I heart you


*Tavi + me vintage shopping with Rookie readers photo courtesy of the talented Carolyn West.