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Conversations With Punx #8 ‘Peace’

Conversations With Punx #8 ‘Peace’ is finally complete after what seems like forever! This issue features conversations on spirituality and creativity with John Feldmann, Lora Logic, Daniel Dart, Dwid Hellion and Lou Koller. This issue is 60 pages and has a colour cover; the insides in places are a little more cut n paste than previous issues with more handwritten pieces and each copy is unique as I have taken to each copy with coloured pencils and brightened things up!

This issue is dedicated to the wonderful Greg Attonito and Shanti Wintergate—the cover art is actually taken from artwork they collaboratively made for the Conversations With Punx launch art exhibit. If you’re not familiar with them please check out a few of their projects: I Went For A Walk & Playdate (see videos below), The Bouncing Souls. I interviewed Shanti many years (7 in fact) ago. I also interviewed Greg and Shanti for this project (CWP #1 ‘Truth’) and Greg wrote the foreword for CWP #2 ‘Courage’).

The following are some little snippets from the conversations featured in CWP #8 Peace.

John Feldmann (Goldfinger)

I was out of control. I was going to jail for drunk driving. I had blackouts. I messed up every relationship that I had in my life. I had ulcers and the first stage of cirrhosis of the liver. There was all this stuff that I was doing to myself that I couldn’t stop on my own. I was suggested to pray to see if that could help relieve my obsession.

Lora Logic (X-Ray Spex/Essential Logic)

…I became a punk rocker. My being in a punk rock band was hellish for them. My mum always wanted me to go to university and be a doctor or a teacher. That was a big shock for them. Achieving a little success in that direction, they were actually quite happy when they thought I was sticking with the music and that something was coming of it. They weren’t pleased at all about me moving into the temple. My mum wanted to kill herself. She said, “If you don’t come home I’m going to kill myself.”

Daniel Dart (Time Again)

I have had so many great lessons. The best one I got though is from a fellow punk rocker named Tim Armstrong and that was: Always stay grateful. I forget sometimes how lucky I have been, and fortunate. The most important thing for me is to remember that, remember that I have been really lucky and I have a great life; don’t sweat the small shit because I got it better than a lot of people no matter what is going down.

Dwid Hellion (Integrity/Holy Terror)

Love is our only weapon.

Lou Koller (Sick Of It All)

I was really shy and I still think I am socially retarded…I was scared to death to get up and sing in front of people; I hated doing it in school but at hardcore shows I had no problem doing it.

For more Sick of It All go here.

If you’d like to get a copy please contact me: conversationswithbianca [at] gmail [dot] com.

Also, I’ve done a short 3rd run of Conversations With Punx #1 ‘Truth’ featuring conversations with Don Letts, Ian MacKaye, Johnny Siera (The Deathset), Greg & Shanti and Omar Rodriguez Lopez. This run has the cover design screen printed in silver as opposed to previous runs that have a gold design. If you’d like a copy please get in touch for more details. I will also have some with me at the upcoming Brisbane Outright show and Mystery School’s show at Dark Moon Art Gallery—come see some rad music, awesome art and hang. This will be the final run of #1 before the book.

I’m super excited about the next issue CWP #9 Magick. I’ve been transcribing the interviews. It features: Keith Morris (OFF!/Black Flag/Circle Jerks..), Ian Vanek (Japanther), Chuck Dukowski (CD6/Black Flag/Wurm), Gary Lachman (Blondie/Iggy Pop/Fire Escape) and more. Previews of the Chuck Dukowski and Gary Lachman interviews coming soon!

Peace & Love,


*Photo credit: Lou Koller photo featured in CWP by Nathan Hicks




  1. Jessica
    September 24, 2012

    Wow Bianca, your fanzine looks awesome! ^_^ <3

  2. Bianca
    September 25, 2012

    Thank you Jessy! :) <3

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