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Ya’el DrumAddict: The Love Project Journey

Ya’el is a musician based in Los Angeles that is addicted to drums – hence the name Ya’el DrumAddict – and music for as long as she can remember. She started drumming in New York, joined band Meanstreak while in high school and four days into the band, played to a sold out 2,000 capacity crowd with Anthrax; they later toured with Motörhead, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Overkill and more. Ya’el has also performed with members of Arrested Development, Alice in Chains, and Fishbone and is a touring drummer for Ugly Kid Joe, not to mention all the other artists she’s performed and worked with in the studio over the years (for more info).

Perhaps one of her greatest achievements yet, comes in the form of a self-made and released documentary film, The Love Project Journey. TLPJ showcases Ya’el’s stories and the amazing musicians she has developed friendships with since childhood. Ya’el is a big believer that you do not have to be in one band or one studio to make a record and to create music with people you admire, the documentary reflects this. Officially selected for five film festivals, TLPJ is an honest, beautiful insight into her world.

What feeling do you get when you play the drums?

YA’EL DRUMADDICT: Most of the time it’s a feeling of connecting and perhaps even deeper wiring to the feeling of being “Home”. Many senses get fired at once when I play drums. Perhaps because it’s a constant in my life and a decision I made at 6 years of age. A simple choice that still feels “correct”.

Can playing music be a spiritual experience for you?

YD: Absolutely. When you discover that you are vibing and creating something organic with other (musicians/art forms) you step outside of the box. Anything in the box of rules isn’t very spiritual. Any Form it takes on isn’t very spiritual. So the more freedom you allow in your environment of creating – the closer you get to having it feel like a spiritual experience.

You practise meditation; what kind of meditation do you practice? How did you first come to meditation? What benefits do you see in your life from it?

YD: I think the meditation itself is very beneficial to find our center. Any ‘kind’ that helps you to temporarily ‘shut down/off’ will help get grounded on some level. With all the static in the world – it’s harder to connect sometimes. Everyone has their own opinions…less Judgement would be nice. For me…it’s a recharge session. Collecting thoughts is something very natural to the brain. Humans do that all day and naturally have a title for everything they do or they might feel it’s unworthy.

I am aware I don’t quite fit in (meaning any one category or group). Mindful Meditation helps me find where I can be comfortable almost anywhere…and work on any situation because we truly are not in control of any of it. Allowing and Accepting is a great start. Get OUT of YOUR own WAY. Thank me later.

A lot of perception and delusion for all of us got me started. I study weekly when I can in a group class with a teacher in Los Angeles (Robert Willhite – “Robland”) and recently with another teacher privately on “Tao Te Ching” material. Integrity and focus to utilise compassion with all my surroundings became a priority. To have a higher awareness and to be conscious and in the moment is all I want to know how to do best I can. I think Alan Watts, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Mr. Eckhart Tolle seminars books and teachings are parallel in value. Andrew Johnson has very helpful apps in the digital world. If we want to help ourselves out, we gotta take the plunge and step away from thinking that we know everything or, that what we were taught is the way or the only correct answer.

9 out of 10 times perhaps it was a hot mess. But be grateful for that. If you want to go even deeper – perhaps Abraham Hicks and going back to source…but I’m still a baby egg in all of this. I don’t believe everything I hear or read. I have to experience it for myself on some level to empathize and to dive in. We never stop learning. Everybody is going somewhere.

In a recent interview you commented: “There is still a major disrespect in the industry towards women…” What has been your personal experience with this?

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  1. Brandon
    August 30, 2012

    This is a truly inspiring interview with a great person and a very talented artist.
    I am moved at the level of honesty and passion that is evoked by YA’EL.
    I want to thank you for giving me new insight,and a deeper understanding as to what makes this drum addict tick.
    If you have not seen her in action,
    do yourself a huge favor and check her out!
    Rock On……….

  2. Bianca
    August 30, 2012

    Glad you enjoyed the interview Brandon. Ya’el is a very talented artist, and also very passionate and honest. I hope I get to see her play live one day super soon. I hope her documentary gets screened in Australia too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love! :)

  3. drmadkt
    September 1, 2012

    Hey Now… :)
    Thank you Brandon for reading the interview and leaving such a lovely reply / comment. And mucho gratitude Bianca for the “Queries from Oz” that evoked my answers to flow to ink on paper…. or is it words on the machine?….Either way thanks for your help spreading the word on my Doco.~The Love Project Journey :) Hope to meet u in person sumday soon in Australia! <3
    peace in every step…

    Yael aka Ya'el

  4. Bianca
    September 1, 2012

    Hi Ya’el, Thank YOU for being so rad just by being you. I hope our paths cross one day soon too! Until then…best wishes, B x

  5. Bonzo's Birthday Bash
    October 4, 2012

    Yael kicks SERIOUS butt on the kit, she is quite simply, a force of nature, an unstoppable love machine, like a whirling Dirvish of drums and life. Once you meet her, see/hear her play you are hooked on her! She calls herself Yael Drum Addict but WE are the ones addicted to Yael after she played John Bonham’s birthday bash – created by Brian Tichy – May 31st 2012 at House Of Blues Sunset. Much respect :::salute:::

  6. drmadkt
    October 5, 2012

    How RAD! I loved every second of Bonzos’ Bday Bash show… it was such a turning point for me to finally get to hit that gong and play with those boys and Honour our King with quite a few guys I consider Legendary drummers along with my Brother from Another Mother..Roy Mayorga! <3 an evening I will never forget… Bonzo.. Forever! than you the addiction works both ways. love you guys too! thank u Brian Tichy for being such a badass! more soon! Booyah #Gratitude!

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