Oh the absolute joy of receiving something in the mailbox that’s not a bill, supermarket catalogue, real estate pamphlet or the like i.e. junk mail. Who doesn’t love getting something that’s handmade, thoughtful and totally awesome! Remember lovingly curating and crafting mixtapes for your friends and mailing them off in envelopes stuffed with zines, stickers and other fun treasures… well, here at the Mystery Mansion we still practice this art. We love sharing music! Jhonny has started the Mystery Music Club. Want free music carefully selected by someone with impeccable taste delivered to your mailbox? Read on.

What is the Mystery Music Club?

JHONNY: I’m going to be making a bunch of Mix CDs and sending them out to people for free. A few discs every few weeks. Some will be roughly grouped in styles like – reggae, psych/garage, funk/soul, punk, hip hop – and some will be random mixes because genres can be pretty flakey. Trying to focus on more obscure stuff, but hard to assume what people have heard before, so there will be some classics in there too. It’s totally free so obviously I can’t afford to post out to too many people, but am hoping it might evolve and grow wider and different people can join in or start their own and try and encourage an alternative network for finding new stuff outside what the media or radio will supply. Some people have already offered to pay something for postage/discs or offered to send me some Mix CDs in return, so that’s just great too!

Why did you decide to start the MMC?

J: I have been making mixes since I was really young and we used to make them on cassette. A lot of people I’ve known have told me that mixes I’ve made them have been a major source of finding bands they went on to love. I’ll go 10 years without seeing someone and they’ll tell me they still regularly listen to mixes I made all that time ago. Plus I used to DJ at a place called the Chophouse in Surfers Paradise that was an amazing little hangout for musicians and creative types. People would get really excited when you’d play obscure gems and I really loved being able to turn people on to stuff that they wouldn’t get the chance to be exposed to through conventional channels like radio and TV. I actually got the idea for this Mystery Music Club though when you asked me recently to make you a mix of my favourite reggae songs and I knew your sister had been eager to get some new mix CDs too. So I figured I’ll make a copy for you and one for her, and then thought of a few other friends that would appreciate a great reggae mix and it just blossomed from there.

How can people get be a part of it?

J: They just have to email me at jhonamation@hotmail.com with their details. Obviously there’s a limited number of people can be involved as it’s just me doing it all for free, but anyone is welcome, you’ll just have to get in soon!

What’s been on high rotation on your record player, digital playlists etc. of late?

J: I’ve been going through a total late 70s/early 80s synth punk/minimal synth/synth wave/post-punk phase of late. But currently combing back through my entire collection to find the right classic tracks for the Mystery Music Club.

A sample of Jhonny’s Illegal Music mix:

I’ll also be contributing some of my zines to random MMC packages! So if you want to be a part of something fun don’t delay, send Jhonny an email today. Sharing is caring.

Love & mixtapes,