Last year I ventured down to Melbourne with Jhonny Russell & the Mystery School for shows, he supported Ally from The Spazzys latest project, Ally Oop. The live performance was kick arse and featured Ice Pick and Noize Bunny.

How did you first discover to music?

ALLY OOP: Through my brother. My parents grew up in the 60s and we always had their old Beatles and [Bob] Dylan records lying around but my brother introduced me to music in the 90s. I remember we were in the car driving from Melbourne to Adelaide for a summer holiday and he played me Bleach by Nirvana on his Walkman. That was pretty much it for me.

Who or what inspired you to become a musician?

AO: My brother. He had a band called The Sacred Pappadums when I was about 12. I thought they were the coolest, man. I wanted to be in a band too but he said D’arcy from The Smashing Pumpkins couldn’t even tune her bass coz girls don’t know what they’re doing. That pissed me off and made me want to do it!

Tell me a little about your latest musical project Ally Oop?

AO: It’s my rap project. I am a huge hip hop fan ever since my first experience with weed when I was 14. There’s a couple different incarnations. One of the line-ups is with a live band (but it’s not white boy funk).Our genre is more garage trance/Ibiza blues. I also do stuff with my drum machine and Casio and that line-up includes my hype girl Noize Bunny and one half of my production team, Icepick from the Octopus Bros.

What do you wear on stage?

AO: Depends on my mood. Usually a basketball jersey, some colourful leggings, obligatory bling, flashy sneakers… but sometimes I’ll just wear ‘trackies’ with my hood up coz I don’t give a fuck.

How important is your stage outfit to you?

AO: Onstage/offstage it’s all the same to me. I just wear what i feel like.

Make-up-wise what’s your onstage must?

AO: MAC kohl pencil eyeliner.

Whose style inspires you?

AO: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Willow Smith.

What do you do creatively when you’re not creating/playing music?

AO: I am in a theatre group called Sissies and Sluts. We like to make people sick.

What makes your musical style different?

AO: I have no idea what I’m doing.

Have you ever encountered sexism within the music community?

AO: I dunno. Not really. Sexism isn’t exclusive to the music community. Maybe I’m sexist coz I make the boys carry all the gear.

How do you deal with the haters?

AO: Haters? I find it hard to believe anyone could hate Ally Oop. It’s a little bit farfetched to be honest.

What’s The Spazzys up to at the moment?

AO: Kickin‘ ass. [We] went to Japan earlier this year (2011), released our second record over there so we went just after the disaster. It was great to see all our friends and fans were safe.

What are you currently working on?

AO: Ally Oop debut, Spazzys 3rd album and Japan/Europe/US tour, Divorced 2nd album and US tour.

Ally Oop plays tonight with Noize Bunny at Collingwood World for the The Gertrude Street Projection Festival (Melbourne) with BANGS. They’re on at 8pm. Then they have another show around the corner at First Floor 393 on Brunswick Street with the Hoopsters feat. special guest star CAPTAIN FUNK on bass. They’re on at 11pm.

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