A couple of days ago my list: 23 of Bianca Valentino’s Favourite Jams of 2012, curated from what I’ve had on high rotation on my record player, tape deck, digital playlists etc. was published on Collapse Board.com. As I LOVE discovering new (to me) music and find new radness every day, I could have went on and on with finds but I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone all at once… here’s a few more you might enjoy:

Chelsea Wolfe

Experimental minimalist drone-art soundscapes with haunting vocals. I can envision it being used as a soundtrack for a film like Dusk Til Dawn.

I also super love this new Chelsea track:

Kellie Lloyd

Screamfeeder’s Kellie Lloyd rides solo and gives us something truly delicate and beautiful. (Read my Rolling Stone feature interview with Kellie)

Icarus Line

“We’ve always looked up to people like James Brown or The Stooges — music where you could see them pushing themselves physically and emotionally and musically…” ~Joe Cardamone (read my chat with the Icarus Line frontman). Icarus Line = Rock n roll, enough said. Listen.

Keep On Dancin’s

Reverb drenched goodness from Brisbane that harks back to the 50s. I super love this!


Catchy perfect shiny pop. “There was a period where I lyrically got really inspired by Fleetwood Mac. There’s some tracks where it was clear that I had listened to Bananarama, The Go-Go’s and all that 80s girl pop, and early Madonna.” ~Catcall (read my chat with Catherine Kelleher)

Death By Stereo

Metal x hardcore x punk rock. I love their energy. Efrem is one of my favourite punk vocalists ever. Death for life.

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