Dog Party from Sacramento, California is my kind of party! Sisters Gwendolyn (16) and Lucy (14) Giles play a super fun Ramones-core style of music in-between juggling school, sports and pets. So far they’ve spent their summer vacation touring Europe with one of their favourite musicians Kepi Ghoulie. Tour stops have included playing the Ramones Museum in Berlin and a show in Italy with one of their heroes CJ Ramone!

What kind of music would you say that you make?
GWENDOLYN: Rock & Roll
LUCY: Good, sweet Rock & Roll

How did you first come to music?
G&L: Music has always been playing in our household for as long as we can remember.

When did you first pick up an instrument and what made you choose guitar (Gwendolyn) and drums (Lucy)?
G: I played the flute in my school band when I was in 4th grade. I just got braces, so it was not a great mix. Then I picked up the guitar (because I didn’t have to blow into it.)
L: I just wanted to play an instrument, and I just picked drums.

Who are your musical heroes? Why do you love them?
G: Green Day. I could listen to them no matter what mood I’m in.
L: Joey Ramone. He played no matter what, and he is awesome.

I know you guys love the Ramones as much as I do; who is your favourite Ramone and why?
G: CJ. I got to meet him! He was really nice and full of great advice.
L: Joey Ramone. He is really awesome, and I really like his voice and songwriter. The time he played that show when his throat was burned- that was awesome.

What are your songs inspired by?
G: It’s pretty random for me. Sometimes it is tied to an event happening in my life. Other times it isn’t relevant to anything.
L: Whatever is happening.

When do you like to write them and where?
G: I love to write songs when I have a guitar or piano, but most of the time, I write songs at school.
L: We are ski bums and spend a lot of time in the mountains. We have written alot of songs up there.

What’s your favourite thing about your release P.A.R.T.Y!!!?
G: It’s fun to hear what people’s favorite songs are off of the new record.
L: Our release party was really fun. We had a lot of fun working on the record. It was fun putting out Memories, it sounds different from Dog Party’s other songs, but it means a lot to us.

How would you describe performing & how do you feel when you get on stage?
G: Performing is so fun! I love it! I don’t feel nervous on stage, but I don’t talk as much as I should.
L: Performing is a very magical experience. I don’t get nervous either on stage, and I have to do most of the talking :P

What is your favourite song to sing live and why?
G: We occasionally play acoustic shows and when we do, I like playing Sunny Days because it is different from our other songs. When we play electric show I think I like Charlie best – it always puts people in a good mood, we also cover Los Angeles by X and it is so cool seeing the crowd sing along.
L: I like The World Is Not A Game because it’s fun singing with Gwennie and doing the harmonies.

You recently got back from touring Europe with Kepi Ghoulie; what were some of your favourite experiences from the tour that you can share with us?
G: PIZZA! GELATO!!! The food was amazing and the people were so nice. It was very interesting to see what the world is like thousands of miles from home.
L: There were no negatives what so ever. Everybody was really nice and really cool there. It is so different from the western part of the United States.

Tell me about the music community where you live; positives & negatives?
G: I like that there are a lot of shows and venues but, everyone seems to have shows on the same nights, and that splits up the crowd.
L: It’s great. Being under aged, we can’t play any 21+ venues. The bands are supportive, the media is great, and the promoters are amazing.

What do you do that’s creative when not making music?
G: I like to draw, take photos, and make videos
L: I do art. I paint, make stencils, and draw

Where are some places that you like to hang out?
G: My house, friends’ houses, the laser tag place, the park, and it’s always fun going down town.
L: A record store in Midtown Sacramento called PhonoSelect, we love pizza at Hot Italian, and we are both running cross-country for our high school so we spend a lot of time on the river trails by our house.

What’s something that you would really like to do one day?
G: Touring Japan would be really cool – Australia too!!!
L: I just want to have fun all of the time :)

What’s been your favourite Dog Party related experience so far?
G: Touring! We have had a chance to meet some of the coolest people and it is an amazing way to see the world!
L: Our European tour – we met so many cool music fans!

What’s next for Dog Party?
G&L: We are just beginning our tour of the western United States and will be on the road for the next 5 weeks, after that we will take a break from playing live shows. We’ve been writing more songs, and we are going to start working on a new record this fall.

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