Here’s the first in a new series on where I spotlight creators whose work I love, in a way that’s a little bit of a departure from the Q&A style interview I usually run. First up, local musician-artist Alex Wall! I adore musicians (especially lo-fi artists) like Alex that do every aspect of their releases themselves, from writing to recording to mixing to doing the art work… not everyone can do that!

MY NAME IS ALEX WALL and I make music that you might call Brat Punk. I first came to music when I got the Men In Black Soundtrack, that’s when I started liking music. I like the music of Black Flag ’cause it’s energetic raw punk and Thee Oh Sees ’cause they are pretty much the best live band around at the moment. My project’s name was inspired by writing about witches and vampires ’cause they are cool; I thought it was a cool name so I used it. Songs are also inspired by Saturn and the colour green. I like my releases (Melted Green & Moon Dilemmas) because I wrote and recorded and mixed it all by myself in my room over 3 days. I didn’t have to deal with a band, so I got to just do it how I wanted to do it. The song from another band I’d love to lay claim to is Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag. The music scene where I’m from (Gold Coast) is pretty lame. There aren’t really any venues to play at and no bands come play there but, it’s cool ’cause after going on tour with my other band, I get to chill out and not have to deal with music people for a while. When not making music I draw a little and do some design stuff. I do all the art work for both my bands. I like to hang out in New York! I hung out there a bunch last year and it’s a real rad city. There is heaps of good music there. One day I really want to go to the moon, or go into space. That’s my dream. Currently I’m just touring, I’m at SXSW right now. It’s super rad. When I get home I’m gonna try to write and record some new Wax Witches stuff!

Alex likes: taking photographs; making zines; playing in his other band; art.

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