Blister were one of my all-time favourite Australian punk bands. I seriously went to a ridiculous amount of their shows (every all age show, festival and 18+ show, when I could sneak in – sorry Darren!). Looking through my archives I have at least 20+ set lists (you can peep one of them below from a show they played with one of my favourite female fronted punk bands Sydney’s Blitz Babiez)!

Also, in keeping with the Dear Bianca… series theme of the post, there’s a letter that Blister’s drummer Gordy (you might know him from Mindsnare or Frenzal Rhomb these days) wrote me, plus some photos I took of them that ended up being used in the CD sleeve of the last release they ever made The Revenge of Tommy Lobster. Frontman Phil now plays in Melbourne band Marching Orders.

Blister are a really important band to me, they introduced me to so many other punk bands through the discussions we’d have about music before/after shows, the covers they played (including Sound System by Operation Ivy!) and the Australian bands they played with: Bantha Fodder, The Living End, One Inch Punch/Mid Youth Crisis, The Porkers, Toe To Toe, Gilgamesh and more! They played lots and lots of all ages shows, which unfortunately isn’t something that happens so much here in Australia anymore. They were even part of the reason I decided to make a zine! I interviewed them for the first zine I ever made. I wanted the whole world to know how rad they were! Blister is definitely a special band that will always have a place in my heart.

You can listen to Blister.

Write someone a letter! It’s so much more fun than emails and texts!

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