I hope you’ve all been having a great weekend! This week’s Little Extras That Say A Lot is dedicated to my awesome friend Andy Mack. I first met Andy in the late 90s when my family had a skateboard store. Me, my brother and mum would make trips out to the Kwala Skateboards warehouse to pick up stock. Andy was the owner of Kwala, which is unfortunately no longer with the skate community—you can read Andy’s words on what happened in Slam Skateboarding Magazine Issue #185 – December / January 2012 – The Rise & Fall of Kwala. I honestly don’t believe that skateboarding in Australia would be what it is today without Andy. Over a decade ago I interviewed him for a zine I was doing at the time as I admired his positivity, strength, passion and determination to make things happen! From the archives:

Over a decade later, I still admire those qualities in him. Like me, Andy loves skateboarding, punk rock and art, his latest project: ¡CREEPER!, incorporates all three. He’s been making some awesome stencil art/grip tape art that features punk rockers (Joe Strummer, Duane Peters, John Lydon) and positive, inspirational, motivational slogans! Check it out:

*If you’re interested in Andy’s rad art drop me a line and I’ll put you in contact :)

Andy also did a spoken word at the Brisbane Powerhouse last year about his journey in skateboarding titled: Broken Boards, Broken Hearts And A Broken Mind – A Skateboarder’s Story. You can download the talk in two parts: Creeper #1 & Creeper #2. Thanks for the links Andrew Smith.

Dedication to Andy:

PMA all day!!