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Dear Bianca… Correspondence From: Pro Skater & Artist Ed Templeton

I love getting mail. I love to write letters. I love receiving thoughtful, handwritten letters especially! I have an exquisite royal blue writing quill and ink pot gifted to me, that I write my correspondence with, sitting on my desk. Can you remember the last time you took the time to write to someone and it wasn’t via email or text message? Recently, I was going through my old shoeboxes full of letters I’ve received over the years from fans of my work and musicians and artists I’ve interviewed. Before the internet, when I first started interviewing people and making zines, I would often send snail mail letters with questions attached to folks I wanted to have a dialogue with. Rifling through them brought back some lovely memories (and also a few cringes at my inexperienced lame questions! ha ha).

I thought you guys might be interested in checking some of it out, so I decided to put together a series of posts—Dear Bianca… Correspondence From… First up is a questionnaire/interview that one of my favourite pro skateboarders and artists Ed Templeton filled in. He even drew a self-portrait for me!

Ed Templeton + Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore:

Handwrite a letter to someone today!

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