Australian artist Pom Pom and I first bonded over our mutual love of band Felinedown and admiration for their kick ass frontlady Brodie-Ann Wright. After a little correspondence I found out that Pom Pom makes music herself that she describes as “a distorted crossbreed of Trent Reznor, Fever Ray and Peaches.” When not making music she teaches dance, drama and music. Here’s our little Q&A…

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I write dark electro alt pop (or industro-pop). I grew up in the industrial coastal city of Wollongong, NSW. I started programming electronic music a couple of years ago. I’ve been living in Sydney for the last couple of years, and gigging pretty regularly in Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane and Melbourne. I migrated my way down to Melbourne earlier this year with my live band mates to pursue the rock n roll dream (sub-text for eating 2-minute noodles and drinking $4 bottles of red wine)

How did you first come to playing music?
I grew up singing and dancing. I started playing in a rock band with my best friends in high school. That same line up became pretty serious when we finished school. We were an all-girl art rock band and post school called ourselves, Blackbird. I started writing songs from as soon as I basically picked up a guitar at the end of high school. As my tastes in music have changed, I’ve transitioned from writing very guitar driven tunes to writing music with more of an electronic edge but still with a rock attitude.

What do you wear on stage?
Always a pair of high chunky heels. Usually a lot of clashing toxic colours and textures; sparkly hot pants, vintage cheerleader outfits, military, and utility wear. Skirts made of fairy lights and hyper coloured catsuits.

How important is your stage outfit to you?
I love performance and performances that go all out! For me that entails everything from strong songwriting, committed sweaty performances and a killer outfit.

Make-up-wise what’s your onstage must?
These days theatrical eye lashes, black or blue lips are a bit of a love of mine at the moment as well. Drawing on my face and body too for the ‘f” of it.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?
Highly impractical purple feather lashes that look great from afar but can be hard to see out of!

What are your offstage outfits like?
A combination of tomboy punk and super girly-ness. ripped stockings, my 11 year old purple Doc Martin boots, belly tops and hair bows. A marriage of baby girl vintage, Harajuku and rock.

Who are your style icons?
I don’t really follow fashion or labels as such but musical artists whom I admire their style includes:
Gwen Stefani, IAMX, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson.

What do you do creatively when you’re not creating/playing music?
Choreograph dance or go out dancing. Dress up. Go on spontaneous adventures. Op shopping is a creative thing for me also! The thrill of a random find and re-working it into an outfit is addictive.

What makes your musical style different?
I take elements of 80s synth pop, 90s grunge, industrial electronica and pure pop whirl them around and spit them out in a glittery wall of sound!

Have you ever encountered sexism within the music community?
Sure. You just get used to being described as a ‘girl band’ or a ‘strong female artist’ after a while… it gets really boring, I don’t even notice anymore. The Lady Gaga references constantly get really boring too.

How do you deal with the haters?
I learnt this from Mama Pom when I was 10. Haters only hate ’cause they are jealous. Deal with them by not even giving them a moment of your time. I do things that make me happy. I love writing and performing and dressing up. I don’t mind if people don’t like what I do.

Tell me about your latest projects.
About two months back I released my debut film clip online for the song, Your Little Flower, from my debut EP, In The Gaps Between. I’m working on a few collaboration tracks at the moment with some different artists as well as my second release which is looking like a mini album which I will release just prior to heading to live overseas sometime in the middle of next year. Also, a song of mine was recently picked up for an episode of Canadian Sci-Fi TV Show, Lost Girl, which is pretty cool. I’m half way through filming my next film clip which will be off the forth coming release also.

in the dark by pom pom

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