I think the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around is that I’m selling my art. I’m selling a piece of me. It’s hard to try to push it onto others in order to make a living. Especially working in wholesale, having a sales pitch. And yeah nobody likes rejection.

What makes your artistic/design style different?
Because it comes from me. There is no other Erin Snowflake Lee. I just design what I love. I’m not really sure where this collection came from. I have thought back to when I was in design mode and pinpointing one thing that influenced me is hard. I went out and brought the components that spoke to me aesthetically and I guess I just let them piece themselves together with the aid of my hands.

What do you do to nurture your creativity?
I have fun! I do the things that make me happy. Like being on the beach, playing my guitar, exploring new places. Covering my body in paint ’cause I’m so into the painting I’m doing, eating delicious foods, indulging the senses, getting together with friends to create, even if what we’re creating is memories and a killer hangover! Life is meant to be lived and I think the more you expose yourself the more you can put into your creativity. My beautiful Mumma taught me there are many different ways to create and express yourself. Because of this I’m always looking for more and this drives me.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve created so far?
Out of the Galactika range I would say the dark comet cuff. It’s always on my wrist. It makes me feel like a rock star. But as a whole, aside from the jewellery it would be the first oil painting I did, it’s of a horse running through the woods. It makes me think of a story book I had when I was little. It evokes the feeling of the purity and innocence we have as children.

Is your collection inspired by music?

Oh absolutely. Music is an amazing tool for creating. The right music can send you to another world thus fuelling your imagination. While I was designing the Galactika range I was discovering Joan as Police Women and Little Dragon. Both very different but with rather unusual sounds and lyrics.

What do you listen to while creating your pieces?
I listen to a plethora of music but I love soul, funk, jazz, hip hop and the blues. They just seem to sooth the soul and calm me into a relaxed state of productivity.

Who do you look up to in the creative world and what is it about them that appeals to you?
My dad, he’s just finished the first draft of a book he’s writing about spiritually, I was talking to him this morning about it, I just love how much he gets off on what he’s written! He’s chuffed with himself and has no shame in letting you know this!

My besty Milly Loveknuckles, she has a Tattoo studio in Lennox Head and she rocks that shit! A single mum who’s creative and has a business head and a whole lota love to give! She’s a star in my eyes!

My cousin Natalie Carey aka Valitina Brave. She is one of the most emotionally intellectual people I know and is an amazing singer/song writer! Her words amaze and inspire me. Ever since I was little I thought she was the bees-knees. Nat has a lot to do with the making of me! There are lots of people I admire creatively but I think anyone who’s out there exposing there innards has my respect. Art doesn’t have to be beautiful or amazing, just as long as it stirs something in you or creates reaction.

What motivates you to do what you do?
The desire I’ve always had to be a designer. Being able to do what you love for a living is what most humans strive for and I found that thing so I grabbed it by the balls! I guess not working for “the man” is a big part of it. My parents have always run their own business and worked from home, so they were always around for me. I want to be able to have that freedom and flexibility.

How do you hope people feel when they wear one of your creations?

I hope they feel the love in it! I hope they feel they have a unique piece of jewellery that helps them to express them self.

What sites do you have bookmarked/subscribe to for an inspirational fix?
I love blogs from designer and photographers. I love to see what inspires others to do what they do, such as JessiePrince.com – this women is an amazing photographer! I love the way she views the world.  ShopPlanetBlue.com an online shop based in California, so much goodness! I love Etsy! Seeing what people around the world doing is defiantly an inspiration fix!

What projects are you currently working on?
I’m starting to think about the next collection of Lady Alchemy – how I’ll style the photo shoot and look book. Also this range I want to make a short film. I’ve just realized how much I enjoy film making and screenwriting. I think planning the aesthetics of how the jewellery is to be show cased is a huge part of what I love about being a designer.

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