SHANNON: The shoes of course! But at some point in the process there is a point where I begin to hate them – some of them take a while – and I want to throw them on the ground, stomp them and say I win… then I finish them.

I read in a previous interview with you that you said you added ‘House of’ to Gasoline Glamour to make you sound like a ‘heavy hitter’ you commented that ‘if you play with the heavy hitters you must sound like one, even if you’re making shit out of your car.’ I wanted to ask if you were talking from having experienced that circumstance yourself, was that a reality for you at one point?
S: Ha! Well, I was being a bit facetious. Yes there are times when there is not any money, even if I just made something for someone and it was on TV. It’s a huge misconception that just because I work with people who have a ton of cash or ‘A-list’ celebs that I have a ton of cash. There are times I’ve sold clothes and stuff to pay the bills because orders were not happening. It is a scary business/industry—there are no guarantees. Ever!

In the same interview you were asked about your biggest accomplishments and commented that ‘I haven’t gotten there yet’ – what’s your biggest dream and vision for House of Gasoline Glamour?
S: I don’t know that I have one, other than longevity and not running out of ideas.

A lot of celebrities and musicians wear your creations for photo shoots, on stage, on film etc. how does it make you feel to see that?
S: It’s cool, sometimes rather surreal. I tend to move on quickly. I should appreciate it more but I always tend to feel somewhat separated when I do see it on TV etc. My brain says ‘accomplished… next?!’

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