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This article was written on 08 Nov 2011, and is filled under Hip Hop Insight.

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Morbski: Hip Hop Inspiring Betterment

Today’s Insight:

Hip hop is a quest to me. Hip hop has always been a source of betterment for me, if that makes any sense? I’ve had a lot of hard times in this life, as does everyone else venturing through this space trying to make sense of it. To some hip hop is an escape or a release but for me, She opens up faculties I never even knew I had! Every time I write a verse or devise a chorus, I go into it unsure of myself or what I’m even gonna say… but, She finds me, grasps my hand and pulls me through all the uncertainty of my everyday dilemma. She’s my quest, my guide and above all else, ultimate muse.

~Morbski (from my forthcoming in-depth feature on underground hip hop)

As a teen US emcee Morbski a.k.a. Amun Morb/Naja Gemini found himself in Mountview Juvenile Detention Center facing felony weapons charges. After many more years spent in and out of incarceration Morbski started writing once more, purchased a 4-track, found a microphone, borrowed electricity from the neighbors and wrote some jams–hip hop helped change his life. Morbski has since had many releases: The Dandelion, Speech Therapy, Dyspnea, Love, Etc., Limbo’s Mezzanine, Rebel Rouzah. Plus releasing Snake Whisper under moniker Naja Gemini. He is a part of the Revolt Motion Recordings family and is co-creator with Son of Saturn in Akashik Ancestorz.

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