US hip hop artist Atma is one of my favourite emcees. I find his pursuit of self, spiritual and ancient knowledge as well as quest for cultivation of peace within inspiring. He believes in and lets the following guide him: love, truth, peace, light, creativity, joy, spiritual, inspire, service, relationship, listen, learn, teach, forgiveness, contentment, courage, integrity, gratitude and acceptance. Below is an extract from my interview with Atma for my forthcoming book, Hip Hop Insight:

I’m really happy with where I’m at right now. I feel a deeper connection to God… Studying all this knowledge, especially the Mayan knowledge, with all the 26,000 year solstice coming up, which is going to be interesting… there’s supposed to be a pole shift and a whole shift in consciousness—I want to be ready. I want to be fearless and not be afraid for anything. I want to be totally immersed with God for whatever may happen. Supposedly the torsion fields, I guess you could say the light coming from the centre of the galaxy or the galactic equator, has a lot to do with the 26,000 year solstice too. The whole solar system is heating up right now and we’ve got the government lying to us saying that it’s global warming and crap like that. According to the ancients and different sages – I’m sure they’re right – they’re all saying there will be a shift in consciousness, a pole shift, and planets aligning. You have the Sumerian knowledge saying that Nibiru is going to be coming around at some point; I don’t think it’s 2012 but I think it’s at some point… This time we are living in is something else! …There’s supposed to be possibly these coronal mass ejections from the sun and solar winds and then we have leaks in the Earth’s magnetic field and then you put together all these rich people are buying shelter deep underground and it’s like what will happen to us? I’m just going to try to get as close as possible and just have faith in God and not be scared. We both know that the people running this planet – I don’t think they’re really people – don’t care about us.

For more Atma & for more Masta Buildas also featuring Apakalypse & Jahnigga Da Baptist. Atma is part of the Guerrilla Republik family.

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