I love Giant Drag and musician Annie Hardy! There’s such an honesty and vulnerability in her songs which makes them so poetic and beautiful. I recently caught up with her to chat about her latest record that’s forthcoming and that has now been several years in the making! As you’ll read in my interview over at Collapse Board, Annie has had a very trying last few years: mentally, emotionally and physically. Here’s a little snippet on songwriting and what’s been happening:

It was like, I’m going to kill someone or myself—I’m going to write a song and that’s going to help… but then I’m going to hit that person later! It’s always been like being your own best friend which is what I’ve become lately. I find myself having long interesting conversations with myself… or a cat, especially in the last couple of days [laughs] it’s been like, maybe I may be losing my mind or I just lost a bunch of friends, I can’t tell which. God damn I am great company for myself – I’m always there when I need me and I’m a pretty good listener.  If this year has taught me anything about life it’s that people are dicks, I am not exempt from being a dick and I’m overly trusting and that I should probably just hang out with myself. I get bummed out by having expectations about people,  like that they won’t rob me or take my hard drive of my record and lock it behind the studio [doors] that I am half owner of—just little things like that.

To read the entire in-depth interview: Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy – The Collapse Board Interview.

Hearts & Unicorns,

*Photo credit: Annie live by the super talented Guillermo Prieto!