Have you found the fashion and music industry to be similar in any way?
CP: Anytime there is money involved, yes! It becomes a business – fashion business, music business. All of it is boring! Boring! Boring! Boring! I’m bored! That’s the thing they definitely have in common [laughs]. There’s a lot going on right now and we’re in some crazy times, I love that I have all young kids around me – they skateboard in my shop and they work on shit here and they want to make art and they have something to say! They take back L.A.; they go down and fucking march. They care. The kids are alright [laughs]. I give my clothes to those kids, I’m the Robin Hood of fashion – I’m robbin’ from the rich and givin’ to the poor [laughs]. I’ll sell a jacket to someone for $3,000 but I’ll give it to one of my intern or the kids that hang out at the shop.

It’s so rad you provide that space for young people to create in…
CP: Are you kidding me? [laughs]They are so inspiring to me. It’s completely selfish on my part, I’m sucking their blood and we’re having a few séances here so I can figure out a way to get it out of them and get it into me [laughs]. They’re the most inspiring things to me, that’s what this is all about—being alive, aware, awake. We’re making fashion for the riot!

Stand and Deliver’s runway debut is this Saturday (October 22nd) during the Fresh Faces in Fashion Show. Actress and co-founder of MyFDB.com, Zoe Saldana, will be the event host.

Chelsea Girls performing with Motorhead’s Lemmy and Carmen Electra:

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