Do you have a favourite piece that you’ve created?
CP: No it’s always changing. I’ll like something make it then love it, love it, love it then move onto the next thing. I don’t really stay attached to things for too long.

Stand & Deliver’s first collection released in November 2010 was inspired by street fashion from King’s Road London circa ’77, I wanted to ask if Vivienne Westwood an inspiration to you?

CP: Absolutely, she is amazing! It’s more about a feeling… I do loin cloths, she does cheesecloth loin cloths where as I do chain-fringe loin cloths. Everything mixes in with everything else. I was raised in Southern California in the 70s so I have a lot of old hippie elements but dirty rock n roll hippie – like biker hippie – then I turned out to be a punk rocker from Orange County.

I was fourteen-years-old and my first boyfriend was a skateboarder who brought over a milk crate full of records. Me and my little brother Cherokee listened to every single record! We heard the ’Pistols and The Ramones, Subhumans—he had like every good punk record you could think of pretty much. Adolescents’ ‘Blue record’ just changed everything for me, all of a sudden I had an outlet for the way I felt. There’s always that element in it but then I’m always trying to make stuff that’s like armor on top of that – I love Mad Max! I like feeling beautiful too, I like feeling like a girl. I like women that are more in touch with their masculine side, which is a really strong sexual energy but like strong and sexy in the way that Joan Jett is strong and sexy. Also kind of like Nancy Wilson circa 1977, she’s so beautiful in the way that she holds her guitar, it’s so womanly, but then you don’t want to fuck with her at the same time! She can give the boys a run for their money. Wearing Stand & Deliver you definitely feel like you should be carrying a weapon [laughs] but then you remember that you are the weapon!

That’s why I really love Stand & Deliver, you and I are into similar kinds of things and your collections combine it all!
CP: Yeah and it’s not for me like you know how Burberry were ‘doing studs this season’ …I do have feathered pieces because I have never not worn that but it’s not a season thing for me at all. I’m mixing some different stuff in there for spring though. I’m leaning towards suede and bone. There’ll be a lot of cape ponchos, crazy long fringing. I love mixing it all together. It’s about the way that it makes you feel when you put the clothes on—that matters more to me than anything. I like that when you put on the jacket you feel taller, you walk straighter, you remember what your swagger feels like. You feel strong. That’s more about what I want, how they feel not like what they look like.

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