Skyler Stonestreet is a wonderful US-based musician I found out about via designer Abigail Greydanus – Skyler has worn several of Abigail’s amazing creations (pictured above). She has been making music, writing songs and entertaining since she can remember; is inspired by Carole King and James Taylor; has had songs featured on The Hills and Laguna Beach; and calls herself a “traveling gypsy with a lot of sass and a peanut butter addiction.” Skyler was a contestant in US Rolling Stone magazine cover contest, Do You Wanna be a Rock & Roll Star? and has recently collaborated with Polaroid. With a new EP scheduled for November the road ahead looks super exciting for this inspiring lady!

You mentioned to me that you got a concussion last week?

Oh my god I can’t believe it! I’ve never fallen in high heels in my entire life, I’ve almost fallen a lot but I’ve never actually fallen. I was goofing around and running down the street with my friends you know like ‘ha ha we’re having fun!’ and I tripped and fell on my butt and hit my head on the cement!

That must have been so painful!

Honestly I don’t fully remember that because you just don’t because it’s your head but I was not happy about it. Later I had to go get it scanned I thought, this is so stupid! They told me I had a concussion. I didn’t want to go, I thought I was fine.

And last month in September you got electrocuted?

I think there is something wrong with the last two months [laughs]. The world wants me to have health stories! I touched the plug in my house every day that I turn on for my keyboard and it literally shocked me so bad! I was like, ummm did that just happen? Does that mean I was electrocuted? And someone said ‘yeah, you kept your arm their while it was shocking you.’ I need a new power strip [laughs].

I hope your luck with that kind of things changes soon!

Yeah, well maybe it’s just trying to spice up my world [laughs]. It’s working, it’s really working.

Your hometown is Santa Barbara and you were born in Las Vegas…

Yeah I was born in Las Vegas and I moved to Santa Barbara when I was nine with my mum. It’s definitely very different to Vegas.

What’s the music and arts community like in Santa Barbara?

It’s funny because I was a little shy growing up about telling people that I played music all the time. I was really into it, playing at my house on my piano. Then later when I moved… I started playing a little bit different music that I was trying to go for later – a little more relaxed, very mellow. There’s tons of music there. A lot of people come out of there. There’s a lot of good places to play at so I love going home to play. I love playing for all my friends from growing up.

You live in Los Angeles now?

I do, I do. I actually really like it. It took me a minute but I really like it now.

What were your first impressions of it when you moved there?

I didn’t have a car and I thought that would be fine, I thought it would be like New York. It turns out you really need one here. I didn’t move to the best neighbourhood in town when I first came here, I didn’t have any idea—it was kind of a shocker! Santa Barbara is really quiet and mellow, there’s not too much going on ever [laughs] L.A. had a ton going on so it was completely different. I was excited! I moved by myself.

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