Hip Hop Insight:

The volatility of the world has nothing to do with my personal positivity. I read somewhere once that inner peace means being like the still waters at deep sea. No matter how chaotic and tumultuous the raging waves above may become, the water deep beneath remains calm and still, completely undisturbed. This does not mean that I am not concerned with what is going on in the world I live in, only that no matter what happens I must remain in control of myself in the face of any adversity. This is a constant struggle, but to let the problems of the world create a negativity within me, means I am no longer in control of myself. To maintain a calm positive mind state, I find it useful to meditate, pray, chant mantras, project kindness and compassion in all my dealings, be of service when I can to anyone who needs help.

~Son of Saturn (from my forthcoming in-depth feature on underground hip hop)

Son of Saturn is a US-based emcee and the man behind Revolt Motion Recordings. RMR aim to shake hip hop up by making music with a message that fosters community and positive change. RMR artists include York Siddhartha, Naja Gemini, Amos the Ancient Prophet and more.

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