India Rose is Australia’s premier alternative model. When she’s not in front of the camera or on a runway she rocks the mic with her surf-punk-horror-a-go-go band The Go-Go Haunters. She’s one of the hardest working ladies I know with a very distinct style and an inspiring determination to achieve all her heart’s greatest wishes. Go India!

What do you wear on stage?
A custom made outfit, although I’ve been rocking a tasselled bra and disco shorts lately. Abigail Greydanus (who designs latex for Katy Perry & Lady Gaga) is creating my latest costume. I’ve joined the epidemic of female performers wearing latex on stage. It’s a fitted bodysuit with stockings and suspenders attached, it’s in the ‘Haunters’ colours: black and acid green; can’t wait to wear it at our next show!

How important is your stage outfit to you?
First and foremost, it’s always aesthetically pleasing – comfort comes dead last (unfortunately!). It allows me to become my on stage persona, even the boys are in costume, we call it our ‘haunters uniform’.

Make-up-wise what’s your onstage must?
I’m exaggerated to the max—big lashes, bold lips and back-combed hair. My favourite brands to use for stage are Masquerade and MAC. I keep a powder compact, lipstick and mini mirror on top of one of the amps in case I need a mid-show touch up. The boys make-up has been perfected to black and acid green skeleton ghoul faces which remain surprisingly intact the entire set.

What’s your biggest beauty indulgence?
I’m obsessed with organic skin care products, hair treatments and face masks.

What are your offstage outfits like?
High waisted black denim shorts, American Apparel disco pants (in every colour available), any modded out/chopped up T-shirt (usually favourite bands from the 80’s) and a cropped leather jacket. My favourite accessories include my metal fang ring and religious jewelry.

Who are your style icons?
Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper, Vivienne Westwood, Dinah Cancer, Joan Jett, Morticia Addams, Axl Rose, Nikki Six, my bestie Cheyenne Sarfati, Gwen Stefani and my friend/couture designer Rebecca Cobbing.

What do you do creatively when you’re not singing?
Thinking up new concepts for photo shoots, experimenting with make-up techniques and planning the itinerary of my next overseas trip.

What makes your musical style different?
I love that the Haunters can’t be put into just one genre; we’re a hybrid of surf, garage and punk with a mix of spookiness. We should coin the sub-genre “Goth-a-Go-Go” or “Horror-Punk-A-Go-Go”!

Have you ever encountered sexism within the music community?
I haven’t dealt with sexism at this point, as far as my band’s concerned I’m one of the boys … if every boy were to load in and out in 6 inch heels every show.

How do you deal with the haters?
I put my blinkers on with negativity, out of sight, out of mind. The only people with time to hate are the ones who don’t have dreams they’re willing to sacrifice everything for.

Tell me about your latest projects?
Collaborating with the designer Romancing Jezebel and brand Tentacle Threads. Also recording The Go-Go Haunters EP.

Listen to The Go-Go Haunters:

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*Photo credits: 1 & 2 – Benjamin Nichols for Big Fry / 3 – Mark Mawson