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Conversations with Punx #6 ‘Faith’

I’m so excited! Finally! We’ve reached the halfway point in the Conversations with Punx limited edition zine series. The start of September also marked a whole year since this project was launched out into the world at the very first Paper Cuts Collective event in Brisbane, Australia. Conversations with Punx #6 ‘Faith’ is 80+ pages, with a light blue card cover, hand bound tied with purple raffia! As always the issue is limited edition—to order a copy please contact me at: conversationswithbianca [at] gmail [dot] com. Also, as I’ve mentioned recently I have been nominated for Australian Zine Maker of the Year and Conversations with Punx has been nominated for Best Zine Series of the Year too! I’ll love you forever if you take a moment to vote for me (Bianca Valentino) and CWP here at the Golden Stapler Awards.

Ray Cappo (Shelter / Youth of Today…)

This conversation meant a lot to me as Shelter are one of my favourite bands. It took a little while to track Ray down – he has mostly been out of the public spotlight and hasn’t done too many interviews in the past decade while he’s been fairly quiet in terms of music making. I’m going to be totally honest and let y’all know that I paid for this interview. It is the one and only interview in the 17 years of interviewing musicians that I have parted with $ for. I really wanted to speak to Ray as Shelter’s music had such a positive impact on my life and paying for the time spent chatting is the only way it was going to happen. Ray chats about how he got into spirituality and Krishna Consciousness, the struggles in his life, the Krishna-core movement in ’90s hardcore, of working on humility and more.

Ari Up (The Slits…)

I feel so blessed I was able to speak with my favourite punk rock frontwoman before she passed. She was one of the greatest true individuals I have ever known. It was so interesting hearing about the early days of punk rock in England, hip hop in New York and so much more. Ari even spent part of her life living in the rainforest with tribes people. Read an extract from the conversation here at Collapse Board.

Frank Portman (The Mr. T Experience / author: King Dork…)

I had a blast talking to Frank, he was drinking wine as we spoke. I got in contact with him after I spoke with Ben from Screeching Weasel; Ben suggested Frank would make a great interview subject. We spoke on Christianity, Atheism, New Age ‘stuff’, music as therapy and of spirituality and religion in the punk community. Super interesting!

Mike Herrera (MxPx / Tumbledown…)

When I spoke with Mike he was in the middle of building his own recording studio at home. He was so excited and pumped about it. Mike spoke about growing up as a Christian punk rocker, of being scrutinized by punks and religious people, on creativity, love and of spiritual challenges.

Sena Hussain (Secret Trial Five)

My conversation with Sena was interesting to say the least! Sena is in an all-girl Muslim punk band and is also an openly queer Drag King.  Read an extract from this conversation here on Collapse Board.

Rob Fusco (Most Precious Blood / One King Down)

Rob’s a wonderful friend, the conversation with him featured in this issue was done the first time I ever met him when his band Most Precious Blood came to my hometown Brisbane. It’s one of my favourite chats for the project, to find out why you’ll just have to read it! ;)

Tim Barry (Avail)

I found Tim to be an amazing guy, the way he lives, the way he thinks about music and life is all so inspiring! He believes that the key to life is being peaceful.

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  1. gjhead
    September 7, 2011

    Wow – you paid for the Ray Cappo interview? Did he actually *ask* you to pay him or is there more of a story to this? I’m a huge Ray Cappo fan – but this is a bit disheartening.

  2. Bianca
    September 7, 2011

    Hi Jason, I just sent you an email to answer your questions :) I know what you mean by it being a bit disheartening!

  3. Any Aggs
    September 7, 2011


  4. Bianca
    September 7, 2011

    Thanks for stopping by Ant! Yieaaaah indeed! :)

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