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Ian MacKaye: The Power of Now

A thought for your day:

The present is the most difficult time for most people; it’s the only one actually engaging you. The future isn’t engaging because it doesn’t exist yet and the past isn’t engaging because you can’t do anything about it. The present is the only time when we can actually do anything. We can regret things, miss things or admire things about the past—there are all those sorts of feelings and emotions—we can delay decisions and wage bets on what we think is the future but the present is actually the only time when action has real place.

I think people—I include myself as people—tend to spend an awful lot of time not knowing how to go forward with the present. We defer to the past or the future. People tend to think if you’re not thinking about the future, you’re not being responsible, I don’t agree with that at all.

 I have this theory of the future being around the corner. If you think of a road, the road is always curved. The future is always that point just around the corner, you can’t quite see it. You will certainly get there but you can’t see it. You have no idea what’s on the road? You’ll never know until you get around the corner and by the time you get around the corner there’ll be more around the corner ahead. I don’t really think that we can prepare. What we can do is make sure we are healthy and in as good as shape possible now and flexible enough to be able to contend with whatever we are faced with—that we’re balanced. If you’re putting too much attention on the possibility of the future you’re probably likely to drive right the hell off the road in front of you. Its best just to keep the eyes on the road.

~Ian MacKaye (taken from Conversations with Punx #1 ‘Truth’)

*Art by Tom Burrey of Rock of Ages Tattoo Parlour has pride of place on my abode walls.

Have a thoughtful day lovelies!

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