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Conversations with Punx Zine #3/12 ‘Love’

I’ve  just completed the latest issue in my limited edition zine series Conversations with Punx.

Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue Zine #3 ‘Love’ …handbound with silver cord on marbled paper + hand drawn gold heart ♥ is available to order by contacting me directly at: conversationswithbianca [at] gmail [dot] com.

79 pages… in-depth interviews with members of the punk & hardcore music community talking about spirituality and creativity. This issue features Craig Fairbaugh (Mercy Killers/the Forgotten/+44…); Efrem Schultz (Death By Stereo); Exene Cervenka (X); Matt Caughthran (The Bronx); and Vic DiCara (108, Shelter, Inside Out…)

Here’s what #3 looks like:

Also, please take the time to check out more work by the wonderful photographers whose art is featured in this issue:

 Stephen Booth –; Annaliese Moyer –; Tyler Nutter –; Zach Lewis –; and  Rubén Navarro –

Extracts from the project can be read at

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  1. dana
    December 15, 2011

    do you still have this book available?

  2. Bianca
    December 19, 2011

    Hi Dana,
    I only have a couple of copies left of CWP #4 ‘Love’ – if you would like to get one, write me at conversationswithbianca [at] gmail [dot] com and I can put a copy aside for you and will send you a PayPal request for $.

    I hope all is well in your world!
    Best wishes,

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