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Conversations With Punx Zine #2/12 ‘Courage’

Dear Friends,

I hope you all have been well! Just in time for the holidays, CWP Zine #2/12 [Courage] is now available!! 

Cover art (design, handpainted screen + screenprinted) by Jhonny

The featured conversations on punk, spirituality & creativity in Zine Two of the limited edition 12 zine series include:

Larry Livermore (Lookout Records, the Potatomen, the Lookouts)

Henry Rollins (Black Flag, the Rollins Band)

Dan Jones (God So Loved The World, Seraph’s Coal…)

Jason Cruz (Strung Out, Blackheart & the Pistoleros)

Porcell (Shelter, Youth of Today, Judge, Young Republicans, Violent Children)

Heidi Minx (Built On Respect, Punk Rock Domestics, Franky & Minx)


Photography by: Stephen Booth, Nat Thompson, Natalie Lorenz, Kim Wheeler, Eric Vogel & Benjamin Nichols.

Zine Two’s foreword is written by my dear friend Greg Attonito, frontman for the Bouncing Souls. They’re on tour here in Australia right now with the most excellent Hot Water Music. Get along to one of their shows if you have the chance, I promise it’ll be neat! :)


I mailed out all current subscribers’ a copy of CWP Zine Two [Courage] yesterday! As it’s a busy time of year for the worldwide postal service—with the holiday season upon us and the extra gift/card mail and all—please allow for a slight delay.

Apologies, that I am a little behind in getting the zines out. I will be working hard through the holidays though to catch up and start the New Year as up-to-date as possible.

Announcements about Conversations With Punx Zine Three will be made soon. Thank you for all of the love, support & encouragement!!

Be excellent to each other…

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