The lovely folks at Australian Hysteria not only get me to chat to some of your and my favourite punkers they’re also kind enough to chat to me about Conversations With Punx.

[Interview extract]

AUSTRALIAN HYSTERIA: What inspired you to explore ‘spirituality’ in the punk community?

BIANCA: I’ve grown up within the punk and hardcore community, it’s what I know. So, it’s natural for me to choose to explore something in a setting that’s familiar. Over the years punk music/lyrics and interviews I have read with my favourite artists has helped educate me on everything from politics to social issues to nutrition etc. Many of my core beliefs and values have been influenced by information and experiences from my involvement in the worldwide punk community. I’ve always been that punk kid questioning ‘why?’ and with spirituality it’s the same.

When I started to engage in a lot of self-reflection and things like meditation and yoga I had a yearning to discuss and share what I was experiencing with my others, Unfortunately not too many of my punk rock friends were into chatting about the deeper things in life so I started to ask those I interviewed about spirituality. I guess you could say that I was searching for my truth.

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The above ad also features in the debut issue of Hysteria. It’s been created from a Jhonny Hobo photomontage.

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