I think pretty much most people I know own a CD or record by Southern Californian punk pioneers Bad Religion. My friend Greg has a Bad Religion tattoo. I saw them the in the ’90s when they toured Australia and played Festival Hall in Brisbane. My favourite Bad Religion records are Suffer, Against The Grain, The Gray Race, No Control and How Could Hell Be Any Worse? I once tried to trade my friend Civi my leopard print sneakers for his Bad Religion ones… ha ha!

I put together a 30 Years of Bad Religion feature for Hysteria. It’s a timeline of their career peppered with comments from Greg Graffin, Brooks Wackerman and Jay Bently garnished from several Bad Religion interviews I’ve done over the years. Maybe one day I’ll get to chat with Mr Brett :)

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A conversation on spirituality with Greg Graffin features in an upcoming issue of Conversations With Punx.

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