Every so often you come across a person you instantly click with. Benjamin Nichols is one of these people for me. Ben is a photographer (Big Fry Photography) and cinematographer; self-confessed pop culture junkie and sci-fi loving nerd based in Brisbane. He’s wickedly funny and just an ace guy really. He loves, loves, loves a good debate which suits me just fine as I love to learn from others, hear other people’s perspectives and acumulate fodder for thought.

We met when I worked the door at the Dead of Winter Festival a month or so back. He was on the doorlist to take photos of the Go-Go Haunters and I’d recognised his name from some photosets I’d seen on FaceBook that I adored. I mentioned my love of his work and that I hoped to work with him at some point in the future.

Fast forward a week or so and we found ourselves doing a photoshoot at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast—land of golf buggies, small dogs, the best soy mocha lattes ever and best Mexican tapas I’ve eaten. Benjamin took some amazing shots which will accompany an interview with me in a US publication. Details soon. Kyla McElroy did my make-up and hair. Please check out more of Benjamin’s work, he has a truly beautiful imagination.

He recently shot and edited the film clip for Brisbane band Sweet Fawn:

Some super exciting projects in the pipeline, can’t wait to share it with you all.

Create forever!