I enjoy art. I enjoy creating. I enjoy creating art to give to my friends. The pieces above reside in the studio of my best friend Ant Aggs (Afro Dizzi Act/Resin Dogs/Gonzalez 3). I made the pieces when we lived together with Grover & Lua at the Teague Street Club House. I used to stay up at night writing and would listen to Ant’s beat making drift through the walls. The two pieces reflect our mutual love of music and creation–of building something.

They’re falling apart now… they’ve been well loved. Time to make something new methinks.

Sometimes we make music together:

Fly Away (Aggs/Rose) by Rosy B

This track is called Fly Away. Ant made the beat, I wrote the words/melody. We both sing. We have an albums worth of ambient electronica… hopefully one day we’ll get to share it.

Have a creative weekend!