I’ve found myself in possession of the following info and found it too exciting not to share, details for a in production documentary on rock journalism which is slated for release 2011:

“Not Fade Away” is a verite documentary following veteran music writer Marc Spitz
as he interviews some of the most celebrated and infamous figures in the history of rock, gathering source-material for his book “I’m a Rock Person” about the rise and fall of music journalism over the past half-century.

The Overview:

Who are as fully immersed in music and committed to rock culture as the performers are. Only the journalist is doomed to a rock & roll lifestyle and can articulate the complexity and intensity of it all. Being obsessed with rock & roll is lonely. And no amount of sex, drugs, cars, toys and more drugs can fill a void for the musician quite like an exchange with their fellow traveler — the rock journalist.

While the rock writer’s love for music is pure, they’re not immune to being star-struck, seduced, bribed, manhandled, slipped-mickeys and swindled. And yet a good rock critic will keep a musician on top of his or her game and prevent the yes men and spin doctors from wielding too much power.

The film will also pose the question: What does rock music journalism mean today? In an age where magazine editors don’t even try to sync up issues to major music releases anymore, is rock music journalism dead? Any takers on that one? ha ha ;)

It features:

Cameron Crowe • Don Henley • Henry Rollins • Jello Biafra • John Doe • Johnny Rotten • Mark Mothersbaugh • Ray Manzarek • Robert Hilburn • Morrissey • Courtney Love • Bob Geldof • Charles Shaar Murray • Chrissie Hinde • Maureen Cleave • Nick Kent • Ray Davies • the Pet Shop Boys • Jon Savage • Neil Tennant • Nick Logan • Everett True • Bob Gruen • Danny Fields • Jann Wenner • Joan Didion • John Mendelsohn • Keith Richards • Lou Reed • Mick Jagger • Patti Smith • Paul McCartney • Pete Townshend • R. Crumb • Ringo Starr • Rogert Christgau • Iggy Pop • Bob Guccione Jr • Jon Leland • Michael Azzerad • Michael Stipe • Scott Stereogum • Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon • Russell Simmons • David LaChapelle • Stephen Malkmus • Billie Joe Armstrong • Bruce Pavitt of Sub Pop • Fats Domino • Little Richard • Anton Corbijn • Bono • Brooklyn Vegan • Chuck D • Glen Cosloy • Jack White • Kurt Loder • Nick Cave • Bob Mould • Paul Morely • Shane McGowan • The Beastie Boys

Can’t wait!