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the Paper Cuts Collective

I love zines. I love the connections and bonds created with people all over the world that can eventuate through creating and sharing zines.

Myself, and my zine making comrades Jeremy Staples and Matthew Limmer have started a co-op—the Paper Cuts Collective. The three of us (collectively) have over twenty years of zine making trial and error experience between us.

Introducing (drum roll please):

Jeremy Staples who has latest project “Whenever I see a bearded hobo on the street, I’ll think of you and smile” on the go and once captained the Bizzo zine ship.

Matthew Limmer is an artist and makes Demolish zine. He also blogs: When Young Optimists Chase the Sun & Matt Limmer’s blog.

And then there’s me… yours truly!

We decided to combine our powers and work together—as we all know, working together can achieve great, great things! Resources and networks pooled and shared can generate fun times for all. We all share a passion for zines, art, good music and d.i.y.

Stay tuned for details of our joint zine launch coming up in August!



  1. david
    June 20, 2010

    sounds very intresting.a new era in the brisbane zine scene is starting.good luck on these projects.regards dave.

  2. Bianca
    June 22, 2010

    David – Thanks! It really is a new era for Brisbane zines I think. It’s so awesome that Jeremy, Matthew and I were all rockin’ zines a few years back and that today we’re still doing it… except this time we’re working together. There’s some pretty cool little zines around Brisbane if you really look, some very cool personal cut n paste style zines.

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