Art by Jhonny Hobo

Hey Folks!

Just a super quick update to let you know I’ve added a new page to this blog ‘My Interviews’. I’m starting an online archive of some of my work from the past decade+. As there’s hundreds of interviews for me to go through it’s going to be at a slow, but steady paced process. If there’s any particular interview you’re stinging to read and would like me to post a.s.a.p. from the list of band/artist names here let me know and I’ll do my best to find it. First interviews up are: Avail, Bleeding Through, Deathcage & Del The Funky Homosapien.

Also, the blog will start to evolve a little more over the coming weeks so stay tuned for all those happenings. I’m also going to open myself up for answering any questions you guys may have about interviewing, zines, networking, self-publishing, freelancing, music writing or anything else that tickles your fancy that I may have some insight on. I love opening up thoughtful discussion and the sharing of information so if you have questions, ask away!

In other news my niece Matisse Rose has asked me to come to her school to talk about doing what you love for a living. In an OMG! moment, Matisse told me she did a speech/presentation on me for a school assignment… it’s so humbling to know my niece digs what I do… makes all those frustrating hours transcribing and waiting around for M.I.A. artists worthwhile.

Love & creativity,