Messages In The Water – Water Crystal ‘truth’ – the work of Masaru Emoto (Emoto Peace Project)

Do you know the time in which you work at your best? If you don’t know the answer to the question I suggest you have a think. Being in touch with yourself and knowing your body’s cycles and rhythms is essential to your productivity. And, don’t we all want to be more productive?! It’s helpful to try and slot in the important things when you know you’re at your best. Also, knowing when you tend to ‘flop out’ is the perfect time to plan something fun and light-hearted. Work with your body and mind not against it.

The last month has been very kind to me, I’ve been inspired 24/7 (yes even when I sleep) no joke! My dreams have been vivid and insightful. Usually I’m a morning person though and I get up super early to write. I tend to flake out by mid afternoon and then get a second-wind in the late afternoon/early evening. My Jhonny on the other hand is a total night owl. I’ve seen him sit an 8-hour+ stretch working on something and not even flinch. I wake up every morning to a new painting at the foot of the bed, drawing on my bedside table, new songs on my Ishuffle—that usually gets me fired up and inspired for my day.

I tend to spend my evenings writing to do lists and planning the next day ahead. I find that doing this it frees up my mind for sleep and I’m not stressing about anything and I can get a more solid, peaceful, restful sleep.

The Bhagavad-Gita describes that there’s three different modes of nature; day is divided up into different modes. The early morning hours are described as illuminating. It’s a great time to get inspiration. They’re very special. The morning up until lunchtime is the “mode of goodness” then you have the “mode of passion” in the afternoon. You see everyone running around in the day trying to make money and get things done. The evening is described as the “mode of ignorance” people tend to flop out. ~Lora Logic (book extract)*

Tap into your natural rhythms friends. It’s all part of uncovering your truth. So, tell me when you work best?

Every second is precious. Make it count!

*Lora played saxophone in one of my favourite female-fronted British punk acts X-Ray Spex. She’s also had her own solo career and played on release for The Stranglers, The Raincoats & Boy George. After leaving X-Ray Spex Lora joined the Hare Krishna faith and stayed on an estate donated to the Hare’s by George Harrison of the Beatles fame. She currently resides in India with her husband and children.

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