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This article was written on 02 Feb 2010, and is filled under Hip Hop Insight, Inspiration.

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Hip Hop Insight #2

MC Zumbi, Zion I by Arian Stevens/Greenwood Images

“Spirituality to me is the everyday practice of realising, reaffirming and getting in touch with why we’re on the planet, why we exist and what we’re supposed to do. Prayer, meditation, reflection, being involved with your community and spending time with your family and loved ones—it’s all spirituality. Everything we do is really spiritually based because everything we do comes from thought and intention, the material world comes secondary to that, those things come first they create the material world. Everything we do is in some way spiritual.”

~extract from my next book project in process… details soon lovelies!

A thought for your day: Rock For Light!

Love…Rosy B



  1. jhonny
    February 2, 2010

    great post B, hiphop book’s gonna be dope, a’ight.

  2. Ant
    February 3, 2010

    Hey Rosy B!!!!!
    Get down! How good is Bad Brains!
    Rockin, yep the Hip Hop book will be a smash!

  3. Bianca
    February 3, 2010

    Jhonny – Thank you! The hip hop book has been an amazing journey so far also… I’m just super excited I get to share it with everyone, I’ve learnt so much. Punk and hip hop have so many similar qualities, ideas etc. I love that positive pro-active spirit that runs through both communities.

    Ant – How cute is the ‘Rosy B’ nickname?! a really rockin’ arty lady I admire called me that in an email/message the other day… and I decided to run with it… I also answer to Biztronic, Binka, Bizzy, Biz, Lady B, BB, Bizzy Bee, B.Rose and about a million other variations… ha ha, most courtesy of your lovely self Tiz, Tibby, Tismond, Izray, Tibanaka, Bwead, Naan… lol! :)

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