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When You Choose A Path With Heart…


Dan Deacon

Against Me!
All photos by Tod Seelie please check out his work… if you think there’s nothing exciting happening in music, Tod’s photos & blog Sucka Pants will make you think otherwise!

A lot of all this—I’m not saying it hasn’t come without hard work though—has come quite easily. I think it’s because of how we approached the whole thing. It’s funny, that story like when you decide to do something and you’re one hundred percent determined, you’ll see a million unseen hands come to your aid…

…We were f*cking one hundred and a thousand percent [motivated]! I’ve never worked with someone so closely. When we moved to Sydney we were sharing this one room. I was living on this homeless mattress. We were renting this room from a gay glass artist who would come in and perv at Beau painting with no shirt on. [Laughs] It was crazy! We just made each other laugh so much, about 95% of the time. Sometimes it got tense, when you’re that close to someone, you’re actually trapped in a room working on this project and then you’d go to sleep and wake up and you’re still there with that person. It was really just focusing on the project, we put that photo of New York on the wall and were just like, “F*ck it – there is no reason we can’t do this” and we just went out there and smashed it! ~Johnny Siera (book extract)

Once you make a conscious choice to go for something, once you have that passion, fire and determination—that belief in yourself and what you’re doing (if you don’t back yourself, why should anyone else?)—there’s pretty much nothing anyone can do to stop you; the whole ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ attitude comes into play. If you want to do something bad enough believe me, you’ll find away.

If it feels right, 99.9999999% of the time it is! I know when I’m on the money because everything in my life just flows, and like Johnny says things seemingly come ‘quite easily’. It’s not easy to be motivated all of the time, motivation ebbs and flows but from my experience the more time you spend doing what you love, the greater your motivation will be to do it.

Another thing that can help you along the way is the company you keep, when you’re ruling it, you’ll start to attract other people into your life that are ruling it, and that’s when things can really start to take off! When everyone gets together and pools their talent and resources great, great things can happen. There are so many AMAZING collectives around the globe working on killer projects: Brooklyn Art Collective; Beinit International Surreal Art Collective; Guerrilla Girls; Cicada. Work together, not against each other!

Follow your heart, it knows the way!
Love & light,



  1. Ant
    January 21, 2010

    sums it up perfectly B!
    Stay on it!
    Bestest wishes!!

  2. Bianca
    January 21, 2010

    Ant – Totally! I just love when people get together, build wonderful communities and do super fun things! That’s what it’s all about, following your heart and helping as many people as you can along the way :)

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